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Electrocoagulation, Electroflocculation, and Electrooxidation Systems.

Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

We are experts in Electrocoagulation (EC), Electro-oxidation (EO) and Electroflocculation (EF) Equipment and pilot test systems that use electrical current to generate small bubbles that attach to pollutants, making them easier to separate during the wastewater treatment process.


All our technologies are certified by third-party organizations and our treatment process can be used to remove a wide range of pollutants from industrial sewage, including heavy metals, oils, organic and inorganic compounds.

We also provide technical design, engineering and commissioning services to ensure the treatment systems and ETP are tailor-made to the client's specific needs and requirements.


Our company also provides maintenance and after-sales services to ensure the longevity of the effluent treatment plant and its optimal performance over time.

PREDEST Electrocoagulation and Electroflocculation Equipment
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Electrocoagulation & Electro-flocculation Equipment

PREDEST Electrocoagulation Equipment is a proprietary technology for wastewater treatment that is highly effective, energy-efficient, customizable, and easy to maintain, which makes it a very attractive solution for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment projects.

for EC, EO and EF Pilot Treatment Plants

The test equipment developed by YASA is currently used by companies and universities all around the world for testing Electrocoagulation (EC), Electroflocculation (EF), and Electrooxidation (EO) Systems. It's the right choice for clients that want to test these processes before committing to a full scale plant.

Electrocoagulation and Electro-ocidation Test Equipment & Pilot Plant
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for Electrocoagulation, Electro-flocculation and Electro-oxidation 

We ensure the supply of high quality electrodes for Electrocoagulation, Electro-flocculation and Electro-oxidation Equipment. Our electrodes are fully customizable and can be made of Boron Doped Diamond, Iridium Coated Titanium, Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and more.

for EC, EO and EF Treatment Equipment & Systems

It is important to use a power supply that is specifically designed for electrocoagulation equipment and is rated for the current and voltage requirements of the specific device being used. For this reason we developed our custom made series of power supply and rectifiers for EC, EO, and EF machinery.

Power Supply for Electrocoagulation and Electro-oxidation
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Get in touch with our team for more info about our technologies for Electrocoagulation and Electro-oxidation.

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