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PREDEST Electrocoagulation Electro-oxidation Equipment Installed on a Truck

PREDEST Electrocoagulation Equipment

PREDEST Electrocoagulation equipment was specifically designed to treat industrial sewage and wastewater. This waste water treatment machinery is currently being used by numerous factories to recycle highly contaminated waters.


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Electrocoagulation Treatment Equipment for Industrial Sewage

PREDEST is designed to provide an efficient and effective water-treatment solution for industrial wastewater using advanced Electrocoagulation and Electro-oxidation processes.

PREDEST equipment is manufactured by years of experience and the cooperation with some leading world enterprises, combining high technology with excellent craftsmanship.


Our Electrocoagulation treatment solutions are all made with premium quality materials and processes.

Plug-in Installation

The equipment comes ready to start, with a simple plug-in function.

Suitable for Numerous Wastewater Treatment Applications

The equipment uses an electrolysis principle to convert dissolved organic matter into an insoluble form, and eliminate these substances from water pollution, thus it is applicable to numerous wastewater treatment applications.

PREDEST treatment equipment is an indispensable part of the wastewater treatment system, either by using Electrocoagulation as pre-treatment or Electro-oxidation for polishing the final, recycled waters.

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PREDEST Equipment

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