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About PREDEST Electrocoagulation Technologies

Providing industrial waste water treatment systems for our clients.

Our Philosophy

PREDEST Electrocoagulation Technologies' philosophy is to provide innovative solutions for treating wastewater and helping our clients become more sustainable.


Our technology uses electrocoagulation to remove pollutants from water, which is an efficient and cost-effective method.


Our company's goal is to provide our clients with the means to clean their wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner, while also reducing the costs associated with traditional wastewater treatment methods.

Our efforts to reduce industrial effluents and recycle water through the use of the electrocoagulation technology is an important way to minimize the environmental impact of industrial processes and promote sustainability.

Yasa Electrocoagulation Technologies Factory

Our Journey

PREDEST Electrocoagulation Technology Company was born from the need for innovation in the wastewater treatment field with the support of the YASA Group.


The company's founders recognized that traditional methods of treating wastewater were often costly, energy-intensive, and not always effective at removing pollutants. They saw an opportunity to develop a more efficient and effective technology that could help companies and municipalities reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

PREDEST Electrocoagulation and Electro-oxidation technologies were developed as a result of extensive research and development. These technologies use electrical current to generate small bubbles that attach to pollutants, making them easier to separate.


These chemical free processes can be used to remove a wide range of pollutants, including heavy metals, oils, and organic compounds, from water.

PREDEST Electrocoagulation Technology Company was created by YASA ET parent company as a branch of their innovative solution for sewage and industrial effluents treatment.

Trusted by Clients

We work with companies that struggle with wastewater treatment or suppliers of effluent treatment plants all over the globe.


Years of experience


Tons of wastewater treated everyday


Yearly tons of pollutants removed from waters


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